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About CS Innovations

CS Innovations is a complete electronics system design company headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, specializing in hardware and system development with expert designers in embedded system architecture, integrated circuits, analog, digital, and software.

In July of 2009 CS Innovations was acquired by Westinghouse Electric Company, LLC giving CS Innovations the opportunity to work with worldwide customers in the commercial nuclear power industry providing solutions for all I&C safety system applications. We offer a broad range of design services such as complete turnkey, partial design, verification, and support of customer owned designs. CS Innovations primarily offers PCB, FPGA, ASIC, design services for control and signal processing applications, as well as the associated engineering support services.

CS Innovations strengths are in the ability to define and specify a system, perform the detailed design, construct, test and qualify a prototype, and ultimately deliver a system ready for manufacturing.

CS Innovations provides manufacturing and production test capabilities to deliver system solutions ready for installation. Additionally, CS Innovations provides installation, commissioning, and on-going support.

Having numerous years of design experience CS Innovationsí philosophy combines meticulous engineering, solid planning, precise project execution, and a robust in-house quality assurance program.